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Welcome to eQuiz

eQuiz is a fun and free trivia game that lets you test your knowledge and challenge your friends to a battle of wits. Hundreds of fascinating topics and thousands of questions, eQuiz is guaranteed to provide you hours of fun!

eQuiz is a SilverMotion, Inc. product.


Join the thousands of users from around the globe playing eQuiz. Challenge fellow quiz lovers like yourself.


Thousands of questions in hundreds of your favorite topics. Find topics in Entertainment, Science, Math, Geography, Our World, Women & more!


Chat your opponent pre & post match-up. So go ahead -- talk smack, psyche out your opponent, because there can only be one winner.


Play, Compete & Win Money! Open Tournaments to eQuiz users who compete for a variety of prizes.

Let Us Show You Around

Play Single Player Quizzes and test the waters or Play Vs. Mode and battle it out 1-on-1 against opponents from around the world or challenge your friends!

  • Pick Your Favorite Topic

    Hundreds of fascinating topics. Choose from Sports, Movies, Books, History, Television, Geography, Our World and much more!...

  • Beat The Clock!

    The clock is ticking – the faster you answer correctly, the more points you score. The wager round allows you to gamble none, some OR all your points!...

  • Challenge The World

    Play vs Mode and battle it out 1-on-1 in real time. Challenge your friends or players from around the globe!...

  • Follow The Leader

    The scoreboard summarizes your results, points, badges and ranks earned, and detailed insight on performance....

  • Single Player Practice

    Before you challenge the World, practice and play Single Player quizzes in a variety of topic themes....

  • Chat & Discussions

    Chat your opponent pre & post match-up. So go ahead -- talk smack, psyche out your opponent. May the best trivia player win!...

Hundreds of Topics!

Are you a diehard Game of Thrones fan? Or the biggest Star Wars fan ever? Prove it.

Who won the 2000 World Series? When did Beyoncé win her first Grammy? What is the title of the last Harry Potter book? Who is the popular small, yellow, ground-dwelling Pokémon?

eQuiz has the most popular topics from a vast range of categories including sports, movies, books, history, television, music, and much more. See all topics.

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People Love eQuiz!

  • Testimonial – I get out for days!

    I geek out on this for daaaays! And as soon as I thought I've played all the topics I like, new ones pop up to make me geek out some more!...

    M. EspinolaeQuiz Player
    Read more
  • Testimonial – A social app for intellectuals

    A social app for intellectuals The one app that actually enhances thinking the more you engage. ENTERTAINING AND BEAUTIFUL. Interact with your friends and challenge others around the globe on things, topics, or people you love. Tracks and rewards your...

    Daniel DuncaneQuiz Player
    Read more
  • Testimonial – Excellent Questions

    Excellent questions from many different categories. Good to test your knowledge and compete with Facebook friends. I enjoy it, love good competition! 🙂 design is even better in the last update....

    Cmaster64 eQuiz Player
    Read more

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