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eQuiz is excited about its new topics this week. Here is a highlight of some of our new topics: Dinosaurs, One Direction, X-Men Comics, Pokémon, Steven Spielberg Films & More!

eQuiz releases new topics weekly, be sure to check in to discover your new favorite topics. We're here to provide you the best trivia gaming experience on the planet. If you favorite topic hasn't been published yet, let us know here and we'll get hard to work to get it up just for you!

Here's a little bit more about what's new --

Dinosaurs roamed the world during the Triassic, Cretaceous, and Jurassic period. Some are herbivorous, others carnivorous but their mystic and interest have garnered the interests from people around the world. Do you know your dino trivia? Play now.

Steven Spielberg Films now available! Take flight with E.T., escape the park in Jurassic Park, discover the pirates hidden treasure with The Goonies & journey through all of Spielberg's classics. Play now.
New Topics
One Direction has legions of fans from around the globe. Are you one of them? Are you their #1 fan? Do you know everything about Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry & Louis? Then prove it! Play now.

Pokémon Go maybe all the rage, but do you know all of the facts on your favorite Pokémon characters? Pikachu and his friends are ready for you. You gotta catch them all! Play now.

Suit up! It's time to take on the X-Men foes and battle against the likes of Magneto and the army of of Sentinels. Join Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm and your favorites. Who fought who? Who lived? Who died? Greek out with the X-Men Comics quiz now!

Thanks again for your support! We love creating trivia for your our fans. If there's anything we can do to improve your experience let us know here.

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