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Back to the Future

Blast back in time and check out our Back to the Future quiz!

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Back to the Future

Back to the Future is directed by Robert Zemeckis and was released in 1985, the same year in which the story initially takes place. We follow our favorite time traveler and teen, Marty McFly, as played by Michael J. Fox. Marty, fleeing a group of Libyans terrorists, enters a really rad Delorean, and pushes the pedal to the metal, pushing it to 88 mph and blasting into 1955! He literally runs into a farm in 1955. Marty finds himself an 'ailen' in a new time. A fish out of water, he looks up his old pal Dr. Brown, as played masterfully by Christopher Lollyd.

Back the to the Future was an instant classic and spawned two sequels. Sequels that took us into the future and further into the past. What makes BTTF so special? What other movie franchise could give you hoverboards, a flying Delorean, the ability to see your crazy parents as teenagers and let's not forget, be Clint Eastwood.

This film is definitely one of eQuiz's favorite pics and has a special place in our heart. So join us and play our Back to the Future quiz now!

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